Reid sez: “Kill ’em all… (in)humanely!!”


Tazers ain’t lethal weapons, claims John Reid.  So what if they kill people?  So does old age – but no one seriously suggests that old folk ought to be culled for their own good!  (Not yet, anyhow…)

The home secretary has announced that many more police will be authorised to carry Taser stun guns –,,2080760,00.html
John Reid told a Police Federation conference he wants non-firearms officers to have the devices, which stun suspects with a 50,000-volt shock.

Police will also be able to use them in a wider range of situations.

Mr Reid insisted the weapons are a safe alternative to guns and are increasingly needed to deal with violent offenders. However, Amnesty International has opposed the use of the US-manufactured weapons, claiming they can be lethal.
The operative word being “can” – a can of beer kills some people, sometimes, so what the fuck’s the problem?!!

“The police service is facing unprecedented challenges and this government is committed to providing them with the tools they need to meet the demands of modern policing,” Mr Reid told delegates in Blackpool.
A Home Office spokesman said: “The intention, subsequent to medical advice, is to start a trial to extend to the use of Taser to specially trained teams. They provide additional options and are less lethal than conventional firearms.
It may be relevant to note here that “conventional firearms” are usually not lethal.  When a gun is unloaded, and stored in a gun-safe, it is generally harmless.  Likewise, tasers are non-lethal when they’re not being fired at people.

“Tasers are used in incidents where officers are faced with violence or the threat of violence, and used only when they need to use force to protect themselves or members of the public,” said a police spokesperson.  If someone threatens a copper, or makes the paranoid rozzer feel like he’s under threat, steps must be taken.  Like, death-dealing steps.  Yee-hah!


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